Thursday, 12 September 2013


So let me start with a rhetorical question. Is anyone surprised that it's been six months since I've written a post for my blog? Nope. I didn't think so. Let me tell you, least surprised is me.

This this is my problem, this is why I wanted to sort my life out. I, 100% have really good intentions, but my attention span is shot to pieces. Why, why, WHY can I not stick to things? The ONLY thing I've ever stuck to is being a mum - but that's just because it wouldn't be right not to - but answer me this: Can I knit? No Did the 'Guide to Knitting' Magazine I one day decided would enrich my life, cause me to become the greatest and fastest knitter in town? No. Why? Because I never got past casting on. I wanted to play the guitar, remember? Where's that newly strung guitar now? I'll tell you where, it's under the stairs gathering dust! No Sexy Songstress here! And am I sitting here, NOT glugging on a glass of red? No. FAILED!
Gughk, I make myself sick. The worst part of it is I'm starting to see these traits more and more in my daughter. Yesterday she asked me if she could start gymnastics! SHE'S NEARLY 13! Did she not say after the 2012 Olympics that she was going to be in the 2020 Olympics swim team? Did she ever go swimming? No. Recently she proclaimed she wants to be a singer, but when I asked her to sing to me her response was 'But I don't like singing in front of people.'


Happy Chops x